Children’s yoga teacher training

We are once again honored to share with you and invite you to participate in the children’s yoga teacher training. Teaching children is a great gift and helping them with their growth and expansion is the best way to shape your own beautiful future.

The training is oriented towards:

To all who engage with children or are planning to do so in the future, whether this is in their personal or professional life. We have put this course together on the basis of the ancient wisdom of the Universe, the teachings of Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and personal experiences.


  1. Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa, Mexico:
  2. Kalev Veskimäe (SimranRaj Singh), Estonia:
  3. Liis Luik (Livjiwan Kaur), Estonia:
  4. Merilin Oak (Param Terath Kaur), Estonia:
  5. Ave Palu (Sarab Atma Kaur), Estonia:
  6. Raigo Ruga (Jaskiret Singh), Estonia
  7. Kristel Paimla (Manavjeet Kaur), Estonia: and
  8. Erki Kaikkonen, Estonia:
  9. Rajur Katre, Estonia:

During the 200-hour training course you will aquire:

  • Both theoretical and practical knowledge of Kundalini yoga and children’s yoga
  • Tricks and inspiration on how to organize joyful and playful classes and workshops for adults and children
  • Cool ideas on how to spend time with children, also how to conduct a children’s yoga class
  • Preparation for giving yoga classes for children aged up to 18

In addition:

  • Finding your inner child and holding on to it
  • How to heal a wounded child
  • Special kriyas (exercise complexes) and meditations for teachers and parents to support ourselves and other around us
  • Learn how to tell stories in a captivating way and how to inspire children on the body, mind and spirit level
  • Learn to live in dharma
  • Strengthen your health, intuition, neutrality and nervous system
  • Get to know yourself and open your full potential
  • Gain a new family in the form of a supporting community of other aware children’s yoga teachers

Modules to expect:

  • Intensive Kundalini yoga course
  • Humanology
  • Lifecycles
  • Pregnancy, birth and the first 40 days of life
  • Mom and baby yoga
  • Mother as the first teacher, father as the second teacher
  • Childhood from a yogic perspective
  • Different stages of child development
  • The inner child
  • Breathing techniques and postures for children
  • Various relaxation and visualization techniques
  • Meditations with movements, mantras
  • Dances, games and rituals
  • Fairy tales and the their power
  • The art of story telling
  • Involving children in class and how to keep their attention
  • Children’s creativity and art therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Health problems
  • Specials needs children and hot to deal with them
  • Teaching special needs children
  • Conscious communication and abundance awareness
  • How to organize children’s yoga classes for various aged children
  • How to be a good and successful teacher and/or parent working with/raising children
  • How achieve financial independence and success as a teacher

The duration of the course is 4 months (200 hours, from which 50% is work inside the course and 50% homework). The course is in Estonian.

2016 autumn module dates:

  • I module 24th -25th of September (Katre and Kristel)
  • II module 8th – 9th of October (Sukhdev Kaur)
  • III module 22nd – 23rd of November (Ave and Raigo)
  • IV module 5th – 6th of November (Kalev)
  • V module 19th – 20th of November (Erki and Merilin)
  • VI module 3rd – 4th of December (Sukhdev Kaur and Liis)
  • VII module 17th – 18th of December (Kristel)

Every day 9am – 5pm


The total cost of the course is 1 169€. You can pay for each module separately, in this case the cost of one module is 180€ and the total cost 1 280€. The registration fee is 200€, which is non-refundable.

Payment method:

Beneficiary’s name: MTÜ Laste Jooga

Beneficiary’s account: EE351010220210136220

Details: name of participant and type of payment (total course, I module, registration fee)


Modules will take place in Tallinn:

Thai Chi Club

Dharamsaal – Kundalini Yoga Center

Bring your own yoga mat, sheepskin, blanket, wear comfortable clothes (preferably white or light colored), a notebook and pen.

Other information and registration:

As the number of participants we take is limited, please pre-register by e-mail:

PS! If you need accommodation in Tallinn – we will help you find it.


Till our amazing meet

Kristel, Katre, Sukhdev, Raigo, Ave, Kalev, Erki, Merilin, Liis