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Watch a joyful video of children’s yoga

Yoga will help the children to get a better contact with themselves and to create a good energy for the day for learning and playing. Yoga helps to be with friends and to create a loving relationship with parents.

9. March – 15. September 2019

From 9 AM to 6 PM

8 modules altogether.


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Merike Kens
Indrek Tammoja
Aada Design
“I certainly recommend. The course is educational and very versatile. It clearly has a therapeutic affect to it as well.”
Ester Kokkota
“If you like kids and playing with them, then this course is a very nice opportunity to learn how to engage with children in a wholly way. More so, you experience yourself and learn to live with integrity. The course is well thought out and conducted by mighty teachers. Very nice experience. Thank you!”
Helen Ainvere
“Mind and world opening. You will get in touch with your inner-child ja get many tips and tricks on how to conduct exciting childrens’ yoga classes. If I would decide not to give childrens’ yoga classes (which is impossible, because the inspiration I have gotten here is limitless), then I would still not regret this course because this experience and journey on a personal level has brought me so much joy, peace, balance and exaltation.”