The children’s yoga mentor program is designed for all starting and inexperienced children’s yoga teachers, who need help in conducting their classes, preparation, dealing with questions and situations that rise during classes etc.

Mentoring is a form of cooperation between an experienced children’s yoga teacher (mentor) and a starting children’s yoga teacher (mentee). The programs goal is to support and guide the less experienced teacher’s personal and professional development. In addition it is an experiential learning and sharing of knowledge, thereby raising the sustainability of the mentee and helping him/her to reach his/her set goals.

During the mentoring both the mentor and mentee will evolve and as a result the area of children’s yoga will progress as well. The mentor is essentially a guide and trustee, who supports, councils, inspires, exalts, gives different points of view, instructs and helps the mentee discover themself.

By contrast, to be a mentee is to be an active student, who discusses his/her personal and/or professional issues and risen questions with the mentor. Being a mentee is to apply the ideas and experiences given to him/her and thereby come to the best solutions. All teachers who have completed the Kundalini or children’s yoga teacher training course, have reasonable years of practical experience and feel that they are competent enough to help can become mentors. All children’s yoga teachers can become mentees.

If you want to become a mentor or a mentee – please apply by e-mail to

PS! There will be monthly online group webinars held for teachers who have joined the mentoring program, where we will do supervising and discuss about important topics in the comfort of our homes.