We are currently working on a very special kids yoga book, which will be released both in Estonian and English.

This unique book will consist of theoretical and practical insights about Kundalini yoga and Kids yoga; about the holistic development of kids and teens from a yogic perspective; tricks and inspiration to help you conduct playful classes and workshops for kids and adults; great ideas on how to spend time with kids.

There will be insights from experienced kids yoga teachers and teacher trainers.
The book will consist of the following chapters (and much more)

  • Introduction to Kundalini and humanology
  • Pregnancy, birth and the first 40 days
  • Different development phases of a child
  • Mother as the first teacher, father as the second teacher
  • Childhood from a yogic perspective
  • Life cycles
  • The inner child
  • Suitable breathing techniques and postures for children (with pictures)
  • Variety of relaxation techniques
  • Meditations, mantras and movement
  • Dances, games, rituals, fairytales and art for kids yoga classes
  • How to involve children in class and keep their attention
  • Children’s special needs and how to manage them
  • Conscious communication with children
  • Etc

The book will be at least 260 pages, with pictures and illustrations.

If you wish to be a part of making this book, then please support us by donating to:

Beneficiary’s name: MTÜ Laste Jooga
Beneficiary’s account: EE351010220210136220
Details: kids yoga book

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