Kalli Suga
Kalli Suga

Children’s yoga teacher

E-mail: info@kallikodu.ee
Phone: 55601768
Area: City Center

Information for classes:
Children’s yoga space “Hingelind”

Classes for children aged:
3 – 6
7 – 10
11 – …

My name is Kalli Suga, my spiritual name is Nishan Priya Kaur. The respect and deep interest of what it is to be a human being has paved my road towards yoga. Yoga enchanted me with its holistic approach is its fullness. Body, mind and spirit – the harmony and balance between them. Awareness and the connection to your true self , acceptance and trust in our surroundings, this is what I had been looking and yearning for my whole life. In 2015 I graduated the children’s yoga teacher training course conducted by Manavjeet Kaur and I have since then continued my studies in the internationally acknowledged school of Karam Kriya’s Kundalini yoga teacher training course.

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness and in children’s yoga classes that are based on the same philosophy children have the opportunity to connect and maintain the connection with their true self. Whether your big or small it is suitable to all. This is because every soul is genuine in creating a connection between yourself your peers and all that is in this world. Yoga postures, meditations, mantras and relaxation are playful by nature and make it possible to really enjoy yoga classes. Being respectful to yourself and others, free of competition and comparison allows children to have fun with movement and creativity.

The wisdom from the traditions of Sufis says: “Being guided by our souls is the skill of life which is taught to adults by children” and I truly believe in that we become wiser by putting our trust in children. The feedback from one witty parent is proof of that when we said: “Miia is absolutely fascinated by yoga. She thinks that there should be yoga classes every day. She always reminds me that I should listen to my body.”

Sat Nam!

“If you feel a calling in your heart to participate in this course, listen to it. Only with your heart can you see what is most important and your heart will tell you what is necessary and right for you. Every module in this course will polish you into a clean shining diamond. This course will awaken your inner-Sun, open your heart and help you heal your inner-child. You will also get support and clarity on how to live in this world with enough strength  and energy to be there for others, including your students.”
Aive Roots
“I recommend this course to others even if it is just to be able to understand your own children better, his or her actions, the affect of different lifecycles and the importance of conscious communication. I also find this course healing and empowering by getting in touch with your inner child, understanding your daily behaviour, your lifecycles and the fact that You are precious – this all comes with the knowledge of Kundalini yoga.”
Katrin Villiko
“I liked this course very much. I would recommend it to every mother. I have gained a lot of useful information from this training on how to communicate with children and how to get in touch with the inner-child in me. Men should also register for this course, it would be great if little boys had a male rolemodel in the form of a yoga teacher. You will meet a lot of people and amazing teachers thru this training. This course will touch you on your soul level and change you into a much happier person. It will give you a chance to look inside of yourself and provide you with the tools to make the world a better place thru our little children. You will get many good ideas, heaps of creativity and inspiration. /All people are good and behind every act are good intentions (Merilin)/”
Evelyn Tuul

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