Yoga for children – the best time to start


As we know we are living in the fastest, most stressful and information filled times in history known to man and this doesn’t affect just adult but children alike. Parents are often so preoccupied with work or messed up themselves that children grow up in a world where they need to be parents to their mothers and fathers; where loneliness, unhealthy eating habits, toxic environments, lack of movement, different devices, video games, TV, stress from kindergarten and school, narcotics and poverty are a part of their everyday lives. Even though our population is small, our school classes and kindergarten classes are at maximum capacity as if we lived in China and we force all sorts of teachings and outer school activity courses on our children, in an attempt to make them happy, successful, talented, intelligent ect. The result is that no one really has the time to go deep, because there is a rush to develop a personality and to get the so-called first prize or become successful. Most children’s sports, which are great for the physical body are in essence of a competitive nature and due to that add even more stress on to children. Yoga in this sense is the best option, because the only one your competing with is yourself. Also being in nature and in fresh air has taken the backseat in life and people spend more time inside: cars, home, classroom, sports hall, youth center, mall etc. Which is the reason why many children and young adults today suffer from all sorts of different health, behavior, emotional, concentration, sleep, low self-esteem, stress and weight issues, plus the mindset of lack.

For this not to happen, the best way to support the mental and physical development of children and young adults is to teach them techniques about how to help themselves from an early age, which is something that yoga certainly does. We’re not talking about just physical exercises, but all the helpful tools that yoga provides. Yoga helps children understand themselves and to be aware of their emotions, behavior, development and how to cope with all of it. The sooner children start to engage with themselves the easier it is for them later on in their lives. Many behavior patterns and problems that we face in life have started in early childhood, so the sooner we can restore the connection with ourselves, the better. Yoga is suitable for absolutely everyone, no matter a person’s age, needs, cultural or religious background, even the language barriers don’t matter. Also you can start practicing yoga at any moment because as we have mentioned before – it is not a race.


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Kristel Paimla
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“If you feel a calling in your heart to participate in this course, listen to it. Only with your heart can you see what is most important and your heart will tell you what is necessary and right for you. Every module in this course will polish you into a clean shining diamond. This course will awaken your inner-Sun, open your heart and help you heal your inner-child. You will also get support and clarity on how to live in this world with enough strength  and energy to be there for others, including your students.”
Aive Roots
“I recommend this course to others even if it is just to be able to understand your own children better, his or her actions, the affect of different lifecycles and the importance of conscious communication. I also find this course healing and empowering by getting in touch with your inner child, understanding your daily behaviour, your lifecycles and the fact that You are precious – this all comes with the knowledge of Kundalini yoga.”
Katrin Villiko
“I liked this course very much. I would recommend it to every mother. I have gained a lot of useful information from this training on how to communicate with children and how to get in touch with the inner-child in me. Men should also register for this course, it would be great if little boys had a male rolemodel in the form of a yoga teacher. You will meet a lot of people and amazing teachers thru this training. This course will touch you on your soul level and change you into a much happier person. It will give you a chance to look inside of yourself and provide you with the tools to make the world a better place thru our little children. You will get many good ideas, heaps of creativity and inspiration. /All people are good and behind every act are good intentions (Merilin)/”
Evelyn Tuul