Eike Toomsalu
Eike Toomsalu

Children’s yoga teacher

E-mail: eiketoomsalu@gmail.com
Phone: 58377587
Area: City Center

Information for classes:
Päikese laste jooga

Classes for children aged:
3 – 6
7 – 11

A love for working with children begun with my studies in physical education, when I started giving movement classes at a kindergarten as an after school job. Years later I discovered the playful children’s yoga and till this day I can’t name anything better to bring excitement, laughter and joy to children and myself.

I am an open and cheerful fairy who loves to go on adventures with children into the magical world of yoga.

1. How did you get to childrens yoga?

In the year of 2014, I was abroad for whole summer and at some point I felt that I can’t get any peace of mind. I had big question mark rolling in my head. So what I am going to do when I get back home to Estonia? I was looking for new inspiring activities and having this wish in my mind I was hoping to find something. And the answer came to me very quickly. Right next moment I run into Children’s yoga teacher training advertisement. Course was supposed to begin when I arrive back to Estonia. I read what was taught in this course and I knew immediately that this was what I was looking for.

2. What has yoga given to you?

I did some yoga when I was a teenager. Already then I noticed some changes in spiritual and physical level. However my interest for yoga and spiritual world occurred many years later, when I started my journey to become a children’s yoga teacher. Before that I had never heard about Kundalini yoga, but I am grateful for my open-mindedness that welcomed this whole new yoga world with kindness. Yoga is so enriching and it is exciting to learn about myself and the world around me through yoga practice.

3. Is there any aphorism that guides you in life?

You are the creator of your own life. Each person has wonderful power to attract things, situations or people in their life. Whether it is positive or negative that you are thinking about, it will realize either way.

4. Is there a book that had a significant impact for you in your life?

I believe that every book gets into my hand on purpose and it includes a message that I need the most just right at that moment.

Few years ago I discovered a book, that I am still fascinated about – Rhonda Byrne „Magic“. This book has brought magic as well into my life.

And a good book is Stella Shakti “Today is the best day of my life”. Sometimes I just open the book from a random page, to see what good it will tell me just for the day.

5. Why is yoga important for children?

Yoga is important for everyone, especially for kids. If you learn from a young age how to breath and to move, it will provide a strong foundation for the whole life.

Adults are always in a hurry and this fast pace of life is passed over to children. There might be from one to many after school activities every day.

Yoga is the place where a child can take some time off for a moment. In the class a kid can feel joy form yoga games and learn how to express their feelings.

6. What is the difference between children’s yoga and the yoga that adults do?

The main difference from adult yoga is that it involves a lot of games. Children learn through games and fairy tales to express themselves and to be more creative. Each child is very different and picks up from yoga the most important things for himself. Perhaps it is ability to relax or just to learn how to consider with others. Some children are afraid to talk in front of people, so in yoga they can practice it as well. Even though a lesson has a certain structure, every lesson is still a bit different. If kids are more into moving around, we do faster games, if they seem to be a bit tired, we do calmer activities.

7. What kinds of changes have you notice in children while they practice yoga?

There is variety of changes that I have noticed. With some children I have seen how their concentration has gradually improved, with others how they open up and are not afraid to share their opinion etc. Almost every lesson you can notice something new.

8. How often can children practice yoga?

Kids can practice yoga on a daily basis, exactly as much as he or she wants. It is only positive if they want to play some yoga games, sing yoga mantras or do yoga poses outside of the class.

9. When would be the best time to introduce the yoga to the kid?

A certain time is hard to define, it is very individual. There is a class called “Baby yoga”, so the option to introduce it to the kid is there quite early. My opinion on this is that it is like with books, when it is a right time, it will find a way to you.

10. What do inspires and motivates you in life and puts a smile on your face?

My biggest inspiration is my family and closest friends. I am happy that I´m surrounded by the people I can always learn something from. Like most of us makes me happy positive and cheerful people and especially little kids, as they are so funny.

11. What would you recommend to the nowadays person who is always in a hurry?

Try to live in the moment – here and now. Don´t be stuck in the past and live in the future, just be grateful for everything you already have. You have time, it is your choice to what or whom you will dedicate it.

Mulle meeldib väga, et õpetaja läheneb tunnile loominguliselt ja lapsed saavad joosta ning rahmeldada. Samas ei puudu tunnist traditsioonilised jooga poosid, juba varakult saab põnn aimu jooga põhitõdedest. Tunni algus, kus lapsed istuvad ringis ning igaühel on võimalus rääkida oma nädalast ja sellest, kuidas neil on läinud, on väga teraapiline. Laps tuleb joogatunnist koju rahulikuna ja puhanuna. 🙂


Minu tütar Mia ütleb, et talle meeldib tunnis teha konna, lõvi ja teisi asju. Meeldivad mängud ja jooga muusika. Tihti palub ta hommikul lasteaeda sõites panna mängima lastejooga laulude plaadi. Olles käinud aastakese lastejoogas, hakkas Mia suvel ka kodus poose võtma. Küsisin, et mis sa teed? Vastuseks sain, et kas sa ei näe, jooga puud! Mia oli siis vaid kolmeaastane.

Natalia Laaneväli

Laps õpib joogas pöörama tähelepanu väliselt sisemisele, see ongi jooga põhieesmärk. On väga hea kui sellega tehakse algust juba varakult. Laste puhul on oluline, et laps saab joogast esimese positiivse kogemuse: tore õpetaja, rahulik, mänguline ja pisut eriline olemine. Isegi kui järg peaks vahepeal kaduma, on selle kogemuse põhjal hiljem lihtsam ja loomulikum jooga juurde tagasi tulla.

Minu lastel tekkis selge seos joogaõpetaja ja majaga, kus tunnid toimusid. See oli nende jaoks nagu üks eriline maailm ja tihti, kui sealt mööda sõidame, küsivad nad ikka õpetaja kohta ning meenutavad tema tunde laia naeratusega. Püüame sel aastal jälle ka pisut regulaarsemalt tundides käima hakata. Joogaga on see hea asi, et see ei sea sulle tingimusi ja ootab sind alati tagasi.

Yoko Alender
“Soovitan väga seda kursust, sest: 1. oma emakeeles 2. saab palju teadmisi Kundalini joogast 3. enesearenguks suurepärane kursus 4. et mõista paremini lapsi… ja iseennast.”
Klarika Varik

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